Our company is intended as an industrial production lab and its business strategy is based on continuous investment in technology, expertise, quality and flexibility, providing its customers with the creation of a high added value.
Certified ISO 9001:2015

Name: SIP Industrial Promotion SA
Date of Birth: 23.04.1974
Place of Birth Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Sex: limited liability company
Height: national leading company in sector “black master batch on polyamide basis”
Weight: production capacity > 1'500 to/year
Languages: italiano, Deutsch, français, english
Occupation: company active in the masterisation sector / plastic material compoundation (engineering plastics) with high technological content
Scars and Marks:

6 extrusion lines (twin screw extruders), gravimetrical dosing, melt filtration, static mixers, pre-mixing, pre/post-drying, metal separators at packaging
ISO 9001:2015

Remarks: reliability, creativity, quality