• KTI- ARENA (Partner): Abrasion resistant nanostructured thermoplastic elastomers for cots
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compounding CNT (PA – PC – PET)
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compounding Cu 80% (PBAX)
• R&D: Luminescenti
• R&D- Customizing Project: Poliammide 6 CNT filature
14th European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymers, Lille, FR (FRPM13):
• Castrovinci, R. M. Dos Santos, E. Oberrauch, M. Marchizza. G. Tognola, G. Malucelli, “Electrically Conductive Fire Safe Polymers” - poster
• KTI- ELYSA (Leader): Electrically conductive fire safe polymers (Bio-based TPU)
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compounding Graphene
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compound 70% polvere di marmo per stampanti 3D
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compound TPU conductive CNT
• R&D- Customizing Project: FLARES (MB PP V0)
• R&D- Customizing Project: Compounding & Masterising CNT (PP – PS – PA – PC – SBS)
COST MP1105 Workshop: “Advances in the synthesis and characterization of Nanomaterials for flame retardant applications”, 26-27 March 2015 , Bucharest – Romania:
• R. Dos Santos, E. Oberrauch, M. Floris, M. Banfi, M. Marchizza, G. Tognola, G. Malucelli, A. Castrovinci, “An online acquisition method for monitoring the surface growth of flame retardant protective layers” - speech
AMI Fire resistance in plastics, 8 - 10 December 2015, Cologne, Germany
• A. Castrovinci, “Mini single burning item [miniSBI]:
a unique lab-scale device to pre-screen reduced specimen for the EN 13823” – speech
1st Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Safety Materials Science and Engineering, 9 - 11 October  2015, Suzhou, China:
• R. Dos Santos, M. Spaggiari, M. Floris, M. Banfi, E. Oberrauch, A. Castrovinci, G. Tognola, M. Maiano, G Malucelli “Monitoring the surface growth of intumescent materials by means of a novel 2D and 3D apparatus”- speech
AMI Conductive Plastics 2015, 29 June-1 July 2015, Dusseldorf, Germany
• Castrovinci, “Electrically conductive flame retarded bio-based TPU compound” - speech
• KTI- SFERAPLAST (Partner): Sfera plastica Ferromagnetica – START
• R&D: MB Polyamides 50% nanoclay
• R&D- Customizing Project: LDPE antibatterico
AMI Fire resistance in plastics, 6 -8 December 2016, Cologne, Germany
• A. De Corso, A. Castrovinci, “A comparative test campaign between the mini Single Burning Item and the standard SBI (EN 13823) to assess the correlation between the two testing facilities” - speech